Puff Paint Slammer 8"x10"
Puff Paint Slammer 8"x10"
Puff Paint Slammer 8"x10"

Puff Paint Slammer 8"x10"

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Pieces are currently hung in a gallery. They will not be shipped until the show ends in August.

8"x10" stretched canvas painted and layered with woven yarn in different colors in a floating frame. Price includes shipping.


I developed these pieces while living and working across the country, missing my family for 4 months. 

The things I missed the most are the mundane routines and basics of life. Waking up to the alarm at 6:30 am every morning to get the kids ready for school. Checking backpacks for assignments, tidying up after breakfast. I missed blowing the pine needles off the pathways in the yard, sipping espresso with Garrett in the mornings, thinking "i should really put away that can of paint" whenever I look in like 6 different corners. 

It's these small routines that over years build our character and personalities. They form our memories and the feelings of a specific time. They become the stories of our lives. The repetitive paths of the yarn in one color may not feel like much, but when they are layered with different colors and directions, there is depth and magic. 

The playful names in this collection come from the chapter in my life when my favorite repetitive thread was recess at Pleasant Valley Primary. 

Thanks for enjoying my work!